Vitallab CLEARsplint® bite-splint – (Vitallab product of choice). Our CLEARsplint® nightguard is fabricated using Astron CLEARsplint® resin, an industry “best” material. CLEARsplint® contains no “yellowing” amine and no MMA (methyl methacrylate acrylic) making it ideal for patients prone to acrylic allergies. The Vitallab CLEARsplint® thermo-active nightguard allows a self-adjusting fit that can be traditionally adjusted chairside if required. Combined with standard Vitallab “best manufacturing practices”, our CLEARsplint® nightguards are made to your specifications or follow our standard design (see Vitallab standard nightguard design below).

Thermo-active MMA nightguard – Following your design criteria, or our standard nightguard design (see Vitallab standard nightguard design below), as well as following our usual Vitallab “best manufacturing practices”, this appliance is fabricated from commonly used, industry-wide thermo-active acrylic.

vitallab Standard Nightguard Design

If no design indication is given, our nightguards are fabricated to the following criteria:

  1. A semi-adjustable articulator is used for fabrication, such as: Hanau H2, Ivoclar Stratos, Denar Mark 320…
  2. If not indicated, the nightguard is fabricated on the maxillary arch.
  3. The vertical dimension follows your patient’s open bite. If an open bite is not provided, we will use your centric bite registration or MI to open the bite to an arbitrary centric relation, usually between 3mm and 5mm (depending on your patient’s morphology).
  4. The appliance will consist of a flat occlusal plane with all opposing supporting cusps in contact when possible.Supporting cusps (in a class 1 relationship):
    1. Upper NG – lower buccal cusps, canine cusp, and incisal edges.
    2. Lower NG – upper lingual cusps, canine cusp, and incisal edges.
  5. In both lateral and protrusive excursions, ramps contacting the opposing canine cusp tips cause all supporting cusps – other than the canines – to open.
  6. Minimal acrylic is maintained over the incisors as well as in areas which do not aid in function, stability, comfort, or retention. Excess acrylic can cause a significant tightening sensation for the patient.

Sports guard – a full range of guards for every sport. Our sports guards are custom made specifically for your patient’s mouth. They can range from light duty guards made to maintain an open occlusion, to heavy duty 2- and even 3-layer protection for everyone else – including the ultimate fighters in the family. We stock many solid and multi-coloured sports guards and can even esthetically customize your sports guard to suit specific requests.

Hawley and Schwartz retainers – simple wire and acrylic retainers for post orthodontic retention. These can be customized to include components for minor tooth movement, maintaining edentulous space, or adding a missing front tooth for esthetics.

Clear retainer – Heat-formed or milled clear retainers can be used for many orthodontic treatments. Thicknesses range from 0.5mm to 2.0mm or can be customized when computer designed and milled.

Uses include tooth protection, orthodontic tooth movement, or post orthodontic tooth retention.

Anterior deprogrammer – The anterior deprogrammer is often used to give relief to patients with TMJ disorders. This very small, short-term appliance limits tooth contact to the central and lateral incisors in centric as well as excursive relations. It can be fabricated on either the upper or lower arch.

Vitallab fabricates a full range of orthodontic appliances, both fixed and removable. To preserve space, only our most requested products are shown in this “Nightguards and Orthodontics” section. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please call. It is very likely we can supply it.

Anti-snoring devices

EMA® anti-snoring device – (Vitallab product of choice). This economical appliance is comfortable, functional, and easily adjustable. It is a simple appliance, fabricated without the need for a bite gauge or any special tools. After it is fabricated to an opened centric occlusion, you deliver the EMA® to the patient who then follows the EMA® protocol to titrate the function of the appliance until it has reached an effective and comfortable position, and alleviates symptoms. If health changes affect the function of the appliance it can be further titrated to compensate. The dentist should monitor the patient closely during titration of the appliance. This should be followed by an ongoing evaluation of the appliance’s function at the patient’s semi-annual cleaning/checkup appointments.

Vitallab EMA®HD anti-snoring device – This version of the EMA® appliance as described above, functions exactly as the standard EMA® appliance. The resin “hooks” for retention of the horizontal supports are replaced

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with hooks fabricated from Cr/Co dental alloy.

Vitallab HD-2 anti-snoring device – Our heavy function anti-snoring device is generally based on a Herbst design. The Vitallab HD-2 appliance uses Herbst hinges which are welded to an internal Cr/Co framework encased in CLEARsplint® resin for retention and bite support. Like the EMA® device, this appliance is used to titrate the mandible forward into an effective and comfortable position which alleviates symptoms.